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Texas Tear Down Demolition Services

  • Excavation Services

  • Architectural Salvage

  • Deconstruction

  • Erosion Control: Silt Fence & Tree Protection

  • Commercial Demolition 

  • Retail Space Demolition 

  • Structure Relocation

#1 Demolition Contractor in Austin, TX

Austin's Demolition Contractor for Residential & Commercial projects. 

Texas Tear Down is the leading demolition contractor in Central, Texas. We provide direct access to full-service residential and commercial demolition services, including architectural salvage and land clearing.


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Texas Tear Down really impressed me. They quoted the job faster than anyone else, did the work within my timeline, and tore down an entire driveway in one day. They cleaned up and left the site looking great. I'll absolutely call them again if I have another job like this. Highly recommend!

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"We Tear It Down so you can Build It Up"
  • What type of demolition services does Texas Tear Down offer?
    Texas Tear Down offers a various of demolition services: ✅Interior Demolition this includes small and large interior commercial and residential projects. Ready to upgrade your kitchen and need a team to tear down and leave it ready for your new install? we can help! Or are you tearing down a full interior of a home for a remodel? We can take care of all your tear down needs!
  • Does Texas Tear Down work with homeowners?
    Yes, in fact by hiring Texas Tear Down Demolition Services in austin, tx and surrounding areas you save money by working directly with the specialists.
  • Does Texas Tear Down work with commercial business projects?
    Yes, Texas Tear Down can help get your retail building ready for construction.
  • What type of contractor do i need for my demolition project?
    We at Texas Tear Down can help with a number of demolition projects! ✅Interior Selective Demolition ✅Complete Tear Downs of Structures ✅Land Clearing and Site prepping Most demolition companies can help you with your project, Texas Tear Down has all the tools and equipment for each type of project allowing us to efficiently getting your project demo'ed.
  • Can you help with the permitting?
    Yes, when you hire our team, we will guide you through the process of getting a permit for your demolition project in Austin, TX.

Colton and company were on point every step of the way. Excellent communication and comprehensive service.

I can’t possibly say enough good things about Colton and his crews. He’s done a lot of different jobs for us. Full demolition with tree protection and environmental controls, select demo with protection of finishes too. He does it all.

Texas Tear Down did a total demo for us on a single-family home in the Westlake area in November 2021. Worked quickly & professionally then left the site clean, graded & clear. I'd hire them again.

Texas Tear Down Team


Texas Tear Down is the leading team for all your needs to tear down structures. Services include architectural salvage, deconstruction, and more! We offer demolition services that will help you clear any land or prep work on-site before we arrive with our skid steer ("Bobcat") truckload of equipment which can do anything from site Prep/Cleanup through Erosion Control: Silt Fence & Tree Protection."








Our team has over 20yrs of combined demolition experience. 


We are a fully bonded & insured company to work both residential & commercial projects.


When it comes to demolition & salvage our crew can help with assuring a great service while recycling as much as possible. 


It's no secret our CEO Colton Santmyer is known for his service and reputation in the contractor industry.

Ready to tear down your project in central Texas?


Kitchen Cabinet 

Removal and Demolition

Let Texas Tear Down handle the demolition so you can focus on the exciting part, designing and creating your dream kitchen. Our skilled team will work efficiently and effectively to ensure a successful kitchen renovation project. Contact us today to schedule your kitchen demolition with Texas Tear Down.


Thinking of Remodeling?  

At Texas Tear Down, we are dedicated to providing efficient demolition for your remodels. 


 We will come to your construction site and take care of all the demolition needs, leaving the site spotless and ready for the next phase of construction.


Our goal is to make sure your project runs smoothly, so your general contractor can get right to work without any delay. 

Interior Demolition Contractors.jpg


Selective Demolition

Texas Tear Down is your solution for efficient and accurate selective tear down of residential or commercial projects. Our team works closely with project managers to ensure that all aspects of the demolition are aligned with the overall plan. We offer top-notch services that are safe, clean, and efficient, leaving each job site spotless. Get in touch with us today and let us help you get your space ready for the next phase of construction!


Bathroom/Shower Demolition

At Texas Tear Down, we're experts at making old bathrooms disappear - including those stubborn toilets that just won't flush! Our team will come in and efficiently demolish your outdated bathroom, leaving you with a clean slate for your new and improved space. And don't worry, we'll make sure that your old toilet goes out with a flush, not a bang! With our commitment to clean and efficient demolition, you can sit back and relax as we take care of all the heavy lifting.

Proud Member of



Meet Arlo, the most adorable "human resources" in all of construction! He likes to make rounds with Colton when it comes time for him to get his paws dirty on a job site. Arlo's days are spent making sure everything goes smoothly and safely, from managing projects to monitoring employees. At Texas Tear Down, we are pet friendly! 

Arlo The Demolition Dog

Meet Arlo

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