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Austin Demolition Contractor

One Tear Down at a Time

Beyond "traditional demolition", our true passion is to help divert as much debris from the landfill as possible that is generated from the construction & remodeling process. We love our Deconstruction and Architectural Salvage projects that allow us to take the time necessary to salvage materials for reuse, recycling, or re-purposing. We often work with a non-profit partner to provide the salvaged items to new homes at local charities, all while offering the homeowner potential tax savings by donating their salvaged goods. 

#1 Demolition Contractor in Austin, TX

Our passion is to eliminate the hassle of demolition and site clearing for our clients throughout their development and remodeling projects. Although many people consider demolition ("demo") the easiest part of the project, we all know this can often be far from true. By contacting TexasTearDown, you can count on your demolition and site clearing to be handled hassle-free. We have years of experience and, equally important, a driven and dedicated commitment to quality in any service provided- from full house demolition to commercial demolition in Austin, Texas, we treat every project as our top project.

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